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Wadi Rum Desert Service
About Us

We are Quteish & Sons, direct decendants of Jordanian Bedouins in Wadi Rum.  Through our business, we have introduced our culture since 1978.  We thank all the guide books that introduce us like the Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide.

Our Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality service that deserves the well known Middle Eastern hospitality. We look forward to meeting you and the pleasure of serving you.

Our Employees

All our staff and particularly our guides are Bedouins who are proud of our heritage.  Our singular pleasure is to share what we learned from our parents and to share our homeland with you, even in a very brief encounter.

Our Company

The headquarters is in Aqaba, Jordan with branch office in Amman.  We have six 4WD's and one main camp site that has showers, toilets and kitchen in Wadi Rum.  Several other minor camps are also in Wadi Rum.  Our mobile telephone number is 077/818908 with 00962 preceding when calling from outside Jordan.  Our fax is 2013882  with 00962/3 preceding when calling from outside Jordan.  Our email address is

Our Camp

Here is one of our minor camps.


Wadi Rum Desert Service, Aqaba, Jordan