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wadi rum desert service


this is the main camp inside the desert


Welcome to wadi rum desert service camp

we are quteish desert service ,our services is making trips and camping in wadi rum desert ,our experience in desert is our hereditament as beduins

  • desert picnic safari trips
  • explore the unique majesty of wadi rum desert where the legend of lawrence of the arabia was born and the film was shot
  • the legedary dignity colour and beduin hospitality,camel rides and sunrise or sunset views
  • jordan food and folklore in beduin tent.
  • 4x4 specially equipped desert trips
  • tour leaders and guides services


daily trips to wadi rum , petra and all jordan ,so we have hotels reservation ,camping in the southern peach for snorkling and diving so as so glass boat voyages

we let you feel that you are in a very simple jordanian night feeling the real desert and how the beduin is still keeping this traditional avoiding all the city lifestyle

All My Listings

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